What is Relationship/ Couple/ Marital/ Marriage Counselling?

Many couples wonder if Relationship Counselling can save a marriage or relation which is full of arguments and negativity? Research by American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists indicate that relationship counselling helps more than 90% of couples who seek help. Ultimately, the success of relationship counselling hugely depends on your commitment to engage with the therapy.
If you have decided to seek help but you are not sure how Relationship Counselling would help you, don’t hesitate to begin. You are going to learn various skills, like communication and problem-solving which would help you to resolve conflicts and respond differently. Your relationship counsellor helps you to apply these skills in your day to day life and enjoy a happy and stable relationship.
How can the couple make it Work
The attitude of the couple is very important when the relationship counselling beings. It is usually thought that those who have sought professional help want to change but different couples may come for different reasons. Some people just come as they have been forced while others come as they want to be seen as committed towards relationship. Some have already decided to leave their partners when they come for therapy. Many couples are open to improve their relationship and genuinely willing to benefit from the support in form of relationship counselling.
  • Relationship Counselling is not about who was right or wrong, it is about rebuilding trust and creating healthy boundaries.
  • Few initial sessions in Relationship Counselling are kept to observe the interaction patterns of the couple.
  • Relationship Counselling is more directive and interactive in nature.
  • The goal of Relationship Counselling is to change how the couple views the relationship.
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