What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a scientific process which utilizes the art of talking and listening. Psychotherapy helps us to understand deep-seated issues that shape who we are and how we see ourselves.
“Sorrow shared is sorrow halved; joy shared is joy doubled”
Psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery which is intimate, often surprising and at times mystifying - but when it works, it changes life forever. In psychotherapy the clients share with utmost trust every single detail of their life and the aspects which brings them close to the breaking point. The essence of any successful therapy lies in the genuineness of the therapist who is able to strike a bond with the client which results in growing trust and understanding.
Why do We Need Psychotherapy?
Why are we so reluctant to seek help? In India, stigma is attached to mental health disorders. There is a taboo attached to speaking openly about mental disorders. If we have a headache or fever we do not hesitate to take a medicine however we are reluctant to seek treatment for mental health concerns.
Seeking professional help is considered to be a sign of mental weakness or insanity. We often label people with mental health disorders as crazy, mental, insane or mad. Many judge and/or belittle people who are seeing a counsellor or a mental health provider. At best we treat mental health problems as secrets to be hidden in closet. Breaking the silence and stigma around mental health disorders would ensure that those who are suffering mental illness, feel comfortable in asking for help. Deepika Padukone, a renowned celebrity, chose to talk openly about her battle with depression and did an interview with the Hindustan Times, followed by an appearance on national television. She has founded Love Laugh Foundation to spread awareness about mental health.
Timely professional help along with the support of family and friends empower the person towards the path of early recovery and avoid future health complications.
Challenges of Mental Health
Who is at Risk from Mental Disorders?
How does Psychotherapy Help?
What Issues can Psychotherapy Deal With?
Signs It's Time to Seek Therapy/ How do You Know You Need Therapy?
Who can Benefit from Psychotherapy?
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