What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a process of self-discovery. Career Counselling is more than just deciding subjects and stream or knowing job opportunities would be available after the college years.
Career Counselling is a scientific process of assessing the unique skillsets and potential to do well in a certain area. This is often done through Psychometry.
Psychometric testing is a standardized process which is scientific way of evaluating the aptitude, personality and interest of the individual. Career Assessment helps the counsellor collect information about emotional strength, skills, aptitudes and personality of the student. Based on this information the career counsellor helps the student choose the careers that would be the best fit for them.
Career Counselling also helps those college students who are still clueless about what career path would be best for them. Career Counselling also is greatly useful for those early or mid-career professionals who feel stuck at career crossroads and want to transition to a career which is their true calling.
Why Career Counselling?
Career counselling is no longer a luxury it is a need. We spend one-third of the life working, so engaging in meaningful and endurable careers is important. We need to adapt and evolve continuously and reengineer ourselves for a better future. Career Counselling process helps the individual become career adaptable and be prepared for futuristic careers and acquire skills.
Challenges of Career Counselling
Challenges Faced in Career
Changing Career Landscape
Myths & Facts of Career Counselling
Parents’ Role in Career Counselling
What is the Right Age of Career Counselling?

What are the benefits of Career Counselling?

Who is the Right Person to Offer Career Counselling?
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