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Posted by Dr. Dhaarna Bhardwaj
Published on : 2020-01-01

People often come to me to seek help for their relationship and know if the problems they are facing in their marriage can be resolved. They often ask ‘Can my marriage be saved?’, ‘Would Marriage counselling save me from being divorced?’ or ‘Can you help us decide if we should stay together?’. Marriage Counselling is not a guarantee of staying happily ever after. Marriage counselling requires strong commitment and persistent hard work from both the partners and no assurance can be given if marriage would work. Giving marriage a fair chance however is wise and I strongly recommend to devote time in the counselling process to see if the relationship can be managed.

Honestly speaking a lot depends on the motivation of the partners who are seeking the marriage/relationship counselling as well as the time when they decided to seek this help. More often than not, for some couples it becomes divorce counselling rather than the marriage counselling because they have given up completely. One of them has lost hope in marriage and use marriage counselling to declare that they would no longer be there for each other anymore.

Couples often come for counselling when they are on the verge of either divorcing or on an average they have been unhappy for about six years. It is very important to seek marriage counselling before the situations go completely out of hand. You know it’s time to go for Marriage/Relationship counselling if there is -

Lack of communication– If your partner communicates in a negative way making you feel sad, insecure and hurt, it is a time to seek help.

Lack of intimacy- If you and your partner live in the same house but lack emotional intimacy or if it’s a sexless marriage, this sure is a warning bell. Counselling helps to figure out what is missing and how to get the healthy relationship back.

Involved in affair-Commitment and forgiveness are essentials to recover from the damaging effect of infidelity and salvaging the marriage.

Children being the reason to stay married- Often the couple is pressurized to stay in marriage for the sake of the children. Children often sense the troubled relationship and this impacts their well-being. Marriage Counselling may help the couple to resolve issues and have a healthy relationship.

Constant quarrelling– Often couples know what is the trouble, but knowing is only half a battle won. Expert Marriage/Relationship counsellor may help them navigate through these troubles and resolve them amicably.

Separation seems the best choice- Taking a break may be useful but temporary separation is never a solution as problem still remains there. Marital counselling really helps in such situations.

Do you need help in understanding your relationship?

All couples who are strong willed and committed to resolve their differences, marriage counselling helps them relive the times when they fell in love and feel the same again.

Some couples may discover in counselling process that separating would be a healthy for them. So, separating without bitterness may also be achieved with marriage counselling.

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