Career Counselling

Career Counselling

It is not enough to survive, we need to thrive! So find out what you are good at, what are your key strengths and interests and what would be the best suitable career for you!

Adolescents Specific Services

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Teenage years are the most difficult and confusing. You are treated like a kid and expected to act like adult. Best friendships and worst heartbreaks happen. So discover the unfolding of beautiful you!


Counselling & Psychotherapy

It takes courage to face questions you have avoided so far. We help you confront your fears and turn those mental blocks into building blocks.

Relationship & Family Counselling

Mature and trusting relationships don’t happen overnight they are cultivated with commitment, compromise, forgiveness and effort. We help you rekindle romance and have lasting relationship.


Training & Workshop

Training & Workshop is the essence of transformation. We help organizations be more productive and develop skillsets experientially. We also empower parents, teachers, students and couples through customized target group workshops.

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