Are you confused about the subjects you want to take? Stream which you would fit in? Do you face the Career confusion after XII, which course or college would be the most suitable choice for you? A student invests 18 years in education to work for almost next 40 years, making the career decision the most critical decision which would govern the child’s life. If you want to plan a career and be happy and successful then your search ends here and you are at the right place, We at Pratiiti, are committed to offer you the best career counselling services in the industry in Jaipur, India. Explore what you are strong at instead of following the crowd. Best Career planning guidance for students and expert counselling for the adolescents who are confused is available now in Jaipur at Pratiiti. Do you know there are 500+ careers which can lead you to thousands of occupations. We help the students to carve a right career path which is unique and individualized as per the interest, ability and qualities of the personality. If you want to know about your aptitude and personality you have made the right choice as we would love to help you out with a scientific tool to assess your profile with Psychometric Assessment.

It is a myth that the individual who has once made a decision for the career is the final decision and is not going to be changed in the future. Contrary to that we see that youth of today would change somewhere near at least 5 or 6 jobs in future. Also, at times, lack of awareness, peer or parental pressure, not being clear about the opportunities and which work environment is most suitable, graduates and post graduates often remain educated and majority of them unemployed. To clear out this confusion, avail the best early career professional counselling from us. It is also seen that despite of being successful, mid-life career dilemma hits some people really hard and we also offer you the solutions for mentoring and expert Career planning services for the Mid-Career Professionals. Get planned. Reach us for Career Assessment Test, Career guidance, Career Planning.